¿What is Fertidan?

Fertidan® is the range of fertirrigation systems developed by Famidan.

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Fertidan Products

What are the advantages of Fertidan® systems compared to other systems on the market?

  •   Perfect mix of fertilizers and maximum reliability. Highly stable and reliable results in EC and pH checking values in the drippers or sprinklers, even with considerable variations in flow.
  •   Accuracy. Fertidan® systems with proportional control have the highest degree of accuracy on the market.
  •   Versatility. Making it possible to inject and formulate personalized mixes of commonly used solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and proportional injection of phytopharmaceuticals and organic amendments.
  •   Irrigation and fertilization adaptable to requirements. It is possible to accurately handle the volume of irrigation water, the humidity of the soil and the levels of nutrients, and even vary them during different times of the day in response to changing conditions.
  •   Safety in injection. Prevention of errors thanks to numerous configurable alarms.
  •   Ongoing innovation and development. Our hydraulic and mechanical designs, perfectly balanced with our control software, are subjected to strict testing.
  •   Operation guarantee. Our systems can reach more than 20 years of non-stop operating time.
  •   Easy to learn. Structured, intuitive and user-friendly programming. Easy to handle.
  •   Numerous programmes and recipes can be set up, making application possible from a single tank, concentrated A/B tanks or dosing from individual tanks for each nutrient.
  •   Configuration and monitoring PC software, which allows for remote connection and management by internet and the statistical record of the different irrigation parameters.


Famidan Guarantee

  • Fertidan® shares with its distributors more than 25 years of knowkedge and experience on irrigation and fertirrigation automation, from open field up to precision substrate growing solutions, with the epicenter in the province of Huelva, Spain.
  • Fertidan® has an Official Technical Service Network, which offers installation, trouble shooting, and maintenance support and continuous training through specialized support technicians.
  • From Jalisco, Mexico, the company Fertidan México S.R.L. de C.V offers support and training services to our distributors throughout the Mexican Republic and California, USA.
  • Fertidan® offers an online technical assistance service ready to solve any doubt about the use and configuration of your fertigation and irrigation controlling systems.
  • Please use a REAL email address so that we can get back to you.