What do the PFS solutions involve?

They involve ready-to-use portable stations incorporating all the required equipment to provide solutions in fertirrigation and automation for any crop. PFS solutions have been designed to give mobility to the container and to reduce connection and start-up times. Fertidan® PFS are out and out Plug and Play solutions.

Advantages of the PFS solutions

  •   Maximum mobility. The installation can be easily connected and disconnected to and from the hydraulic and electrical network and moved to a new farm or ranch in a matter of hours (Plug and Play).
  •   The container solution efficiently protects the installation against any possible theft and vandalism, doing away with the need to construct a building for the fertirrigation system.
  •   Delivery times and logistics costs are cut down in pre-installation, installation and start-up.
  •   It avoids complications, delays and costs linked with obtaining building permits.
  •   Ideal for environmentally protected areas where building is forbidden.
  •   They are guaranteed solutions, fully assembled and factory tested.


Fertidan® PFS F600

  • Up to 4 fertilizer tanks, 3,000 l (792 gallons) each.
  • Irrigation flow from 20 m3/h up to 240 m3/h. (73 up to 880 gpm).
  • Designed for use in medium to large-scale crops.

Fertidan® PFS F100

  • Up to 6 fertilizer tanks 1,500 l (396 gallons) each.
  • Irrigation flow from 600 l/h up to 30 m3/h (2.6 up to 110 gpm).
  • Specially designed and tested for use in experimental testing fields and on small-scale trial plots.


Fully equipped

  • A compact, high reliability and accuracy Fertidan® irrigation and fertirrigation controller.
  • Large volume fertilizer tanks and an acid tank.
  • Tanks agitation system using an air turbine.
  • Piping network for fertilizers, tank agitation, filling, cleaning and safety spillways.
  • Special filters for fertilizers and acid.
  • General flow meter and safety valves.
  • Separate control compartment for electrical and electronic equipment including a door.
  • Lighting and electrical pre-installation, including a switchboard for operation and protection of the air turbine and lightning.
  • Earthing for electrical protection.

Easy to install

Fertidan® PFS stations are shipped factory tested, ready to install and fertirrigate.

The client only deals with the pre-installation:

  • Station support on eight small concrete blocks.
  • Fitting the acid tank onto the exterior on a safety trough for spillage.
  • Hydraulic connection on the universal quick coupling adapters provided with the station.
  • Electrical power supply to the portable station.

Sturdiness and durability

  • Built with highly resistant, long-lasting materials (CORTEN steel, STAINLESS steel, PRFV (PGR), PPFV (PPGR), PEAD (HDPE), PVC, EPOXI, VITON)
  • Floor and skirtings with a non- slip protection treatment, highly resistant to impacts and chemical products.
  • Damp-proofing in structural beams and lower parts of the container.

Compatible with european and north american regulations

  • All hydraulic connections fit with metric and ASTM standards.
  • DIN/UL standardized electrical components.
  • Electrical motors in 50 and 60 Hz versions.
  • FCC electromagnetic compatibility certification of all our controllers under USA and Mexico standards.


Famidan Guarantee

  • Fertidan® shares with its distributors more than 25 years of knowkedge and experience on irrigation and fertirrigation automation, from open field up to precision substrate growing solutions, with the epicenter in the province of Huelva, Spain.
  • Fertidan® has an Official Technical Service Network, which offers installation, trouble shooting, and maintenance support and continuous training through specialized support technicians.
  • From Jalisco, Mexico, the company Fertidan México S.R.L. de C.V offers support and training services to our distributors throughout the Mexican Republic and California, USA.
  • Fertidan® offers an online technical assistance service ready to solve any doubt about the use and configuration of your fertigation and irrigation controlling systems.
  • Please use a REAL email address so that we can get back to you.